Title Ek Darwaza Jo Band Na hua
Author Muhammad Hasan Shafai / Syed Shahid Jamal Rizvi
Presented By Shaoore Wilayat Foundation, Lucknow (India)
Topic Hadith Sad al-Abwab
Language Hindi
About Comics This comic has been prepared for children on the basis of a hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) which is called the "Hadith Sad al-Abwab". This hadith is one of the hadith which proves the truthfulness of Hazrat Ali(PBUH) in which he is called Nafs-e-Rasool(pbuh). The gist of the hadith is that the Holy Prophet (sws) had closed all the doors leading to the mosque by the command of God, leaving only the door of the house of Hazrat Ali(a.s) and Zahra (s.a) open. This hadith has been narrated in the form of a beautiful story so that they can get acquainted with an important event of Islam while laughing and playing. This comic consists of 16 pages, each page has a story as well as beautiful pictures.
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