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Maulana Syed Ali Akhtar Rizvi

Maulana Syed Ali Akhtar Rizvi widely known as "Adeeb-E-Asr (Meaning: writer of the era) and Allamah Sha'oor was an Indian Twelver Shia Scholar, Translator, Professor, orator, historian, as well as author and poet. He Authored and translated many Islamic book and he also wrote many articles. He received the title "Adeeb-E-Asr" (in Urdu adeeb means writer and asr means era, period i.e., writer of the era) from ayatullah makarim shirazi during the tour of Iran

Name: Maulana Syed Ali Akhtar Rizvi
Pen Name: Sha’oor
Father: Syed Mazhar Hussain Rizvi
Born: 19 September 1948 Gopalpur, district siwan Bihar state, India
Title: Adeeb-E-Asr, Sha'oor, Allama etc.
Occupation: Islamic Scholar, Professor
Notable Work: Urdu Translation of the Book Al-Ghadir
Died: 10 February 2002
Resting place: Gopalpur, siwan district, Bihar state, India
Children: Syed Mohammad Akhtar Rizvi, Maulana Syed Shahid Jamal Rizvi, Qaiser Rizvi, Kauser Rizvi, Afsar Rizvi, Syed Reyaz Jafar


As Author
Ghadeer ke Char Alamti Shayer: Qom, Iran: Qur'aan o itrat foundation
Hayat Ayatullah-ul-uzma Shirazi.
Tohfe ka meyar Tahzeeb.
As Author
Abshaaro Ka Tarannum.
Mauj Dar Mauj(Salam-O-Nauhe).
Mauj Tabassum(Majmua Ghazliyat).


Birth and Early life

Maulana Syed ali Akhtar Rizvi was born in Gopalpur, siwan, bihar on 19 September 1948. His father was Syed Mazhar Hussain Rizvi.
At the Age of three his father passed away, he was nurtured and brought up by his mother, who did not let any stone unturned in his education and other aspects of life. It was his mother’s ambition that lead him towards Islamic studies so he joined Madarsa Nazmia under the guidance of Maulana Rasul Ahmad sb and stayed in Madarsatul Waezeen. But due to financial problems he moved to Lucknow Shia Orphanage (yateem khana lucknow) to fullfill his as well as his mother’s ambition to become a Aalim (Islamic scholar). Despite all the difficulties in orphanage he never deviated or stepped back from his actual ambition. As soon as financial conditioned improved he again moved to Madarsatul Waizeen.
He completed his Molvi, Aalim and Fazil in the year 1968, 1970 and 1975 respectively with first division in all three exams. In 1982 he returned home after completing last exam “Mumtazilla fazil” from Madarsatul Waizeen. After returning home he joined Mohammed Saleh Inter college Hussainganj in the year -- as Persian lecturer replacing Maulana Nazre Hasan sahib as he was retiring due to his health issues and continue to enlighten his student with his knowledge till his death.

Title and Pen Name

Maulana Syed Ali Akhtar Rizvi was awarded many popular titles, like Adeeb-E-Asr, Mutarajjim Al-Ghadir, Allama etc. The title 'Adeeb-E-Asr' was awarded by Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi in Iran. He adopted the pen-name of Sha’oor (meaning : Wisdom,Decency, Good manners or behaviour)

Death and funeral

Maulana Syed Ali Akhtar Rizvi died on 10 February 2002 leaving behind his great works in the field of Islamic literature. His funeral was attended by many scholars and preachers and was followed by huge crowds at Gopalpur, district Siwan, Bihar state, India


As Translator
Al Ghadir: Syed Ali Akhtar Rizvi on the request of Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi translated book Al-Ghadir. The first volume of which published in year 1991. Then in 2010 the complete set of volume got published by Qur'an o itrat foundation.
Al-Ghadir (vol.1). Qom, Iran. 2010. ISBN 978-600-6088-08-2.
Al-Ghadir (vol.2 & 3). Qom, Iran. 2010. ISBN 978-600-91931-5-8.
Al-Ghadir (vol.4,5) . Qom, Iran. 2010. ISBN 978-600-6088-08-2.
Al-Ghadir (vol.6). Qom, Iran. 2010. ISBN 978-600-91931-6-5.
Al-Ghadir (vol.7,8 & 9). Qom, Iran. 2010. ISBN 978-600-91931-9-6.
Al-Ghadir (vol.10 & 11). Qom, Iran. 2010.
Tareekh-e-Islam me Ayesha ka kirdaar(3 vol.). Qom, Iran: Ansariyan Publications. 2008. ISBN 964-438-643-4
Masa'eb-e-Aale Muhammad(pbuh). Qom, Iran: The World center for Shitte studies. 2007. ISBN 978-964-94976-0-0.[18] Al-Hayat(2 vol.).
Shahr-E-Shahadat. Lucknow: Majlis-e-Ulma Wa'ezeen. 1999.
Imam Mehdi(A.S) Hadees Ki Roshni Me. Lucknow: Majlis-e-Ulma Wa'ezeen. 1999.
Resala Amaliya Imam Khomaini(2 vol.).
Mayyat pe Girya. 2002.
Khushboo Bahar Ki.
Khanwada-e-Shairazi Biswi Sadi me.